A Portuguese love affair




When I received the email from Eva and Jorge, I had to show it to my girlfriend. It is very rare to receive such a descriptive and exciting email from couples. Eva described their lives in such a beautiful way that I decided to respond in the same way and I ended up telling my personal life course instead of talking about my professional experience.
After some conversations by Skype it was decided that he would go to London to do their engagement session.
Without wishing to stretch, I can tell you that I was very well received and  they made me feel at home. Two very simple and beautiful people inside and out, who are always smiling. Of the many places they showed me in London, I remembered the fact that I had said in a conversation that I loved to go to a good ramen restaurant. Eva and Jorge pulled out their contacts and found a restaurant to eat a nice ramen the last day I was there.
Of all the couples that I have already photographed, and without wanting to look like lame, i really became good friend of this two. Soon I will tell you about their blessed wedding which took place in the middle of  a very rainy February.